Atlantis is an HPHT gas/condensate field, discovered in 2020 that will be developed as a tieback to Kvitebjørn. The 30/2-5 S well discovered good quality Brent reservoir in a simple fault-bounded structure, filled with rich, high liquids content gas.

Licence PL878
Wellesey 40%
Partners Equinor 40% (op), Source 20%
CO2 intensity 6kg CO2/boe in 2030

Top Brent reservoir depth surface with preliminary production well paths

Atlantis – Net Wellesley Production (kboe/d)


Atlantis Net WP Production (kboe/d)

34.8 mmboe net Wellesley

Atlantis mmboe net Wellesley


The field will be developed with three gas producers drilled from a central template. There are several follow-on exploration prospects on the PL878 licence which will be drilled in 2023/24 and which can be developed as part of the Atlantis project. Equinor operates both the development and the Kvitebjørn host infrastructure, ensuring sufficient processing capacity for all Atlantis production.

PL878 also contains the Canon discovery, which consists of gas/condensate in a Brent reservoir. Licence partners are working to commercialise Canon as part of the Atlantis development project.

2022 Factbook

Our factbook contains the latest management view of the production forecasts from Wellesley’s portfolio.