Røver Nord


Discovered in 2021 by the 31/1-2 S well and appraised by the 2 A sidetrack, Røver Nord is an oil discovery with a gas cap in a 4-way structural trap. The appraisal sidetrack identified an oil/water contact in Brent reservoirs, and the drilling campaign confirmed Wellesley’s reservoir model for the Brent in this area.

Licence PL 923
Wellesey 20%
Partners Equinor 40% (op), Petoro 20%, DNO 20%
CO2 intensity <2kg CO2/boe over entire field life

Top Brent reservoir depth surface

Røver Nord – Net Wellesley Production (kboe/d)

Røver Nord Production Forecast (kboe/d)

10.0 mmboe net Wellesley

Røver Nord mmboe net Wellesley


Røver Nord will be developed with 2 oil producers and a water injector as part of the FANTA project. The structure spills to the south into the Rover Sør prospect, which will be drilled in Q3 2022.

2022 Factbook

Our factbook contains the latest management view of the production forecasts from Wellesley’s portfolio.