Swisher was discovered in 2020 by the 35/11-24 S well. Subsequently appraised by two sidetracks, the wells found oil and gas in good quality Upper Jurassic reservoirs in a stratigraphic pinchout trap. Swisher will be developed with three oil producers and a water injector as part of the FANTA project. Gas cap expansion and natural aquifer drive are expected to provide additional pressure support and to help achieve an efficient depletion of the reservoir.

Licence PL 248 C
Wellesey 30%
Partners Equinor 30% (op), Petoro 40%
CO2 intensity <2kg CO2/boe over entire field life

Swisher– Net Wellesley Production (kboe/d)

Swisher Production Forecast (kboe/d)

4.3 mmboe net Wellesley

Swisher mmboe net Wellesley