A 4-way structure in the Brent reservoir fairway, Toppand was discovered in January 2022 by the 35/10-7 S and A wells, which found oil-filled, stacked reservoirs and an oil/water contact. The geometry of the structure, together with the sand-tank reservoir and high reservoir pressure will enable a very efficient recovery from the discovery.

Licence PL 630
Wellesey 5%
Partners Equinor 95% (op)
CO2 intensity <2kg CO2/boe over entire field life

Toppand– Net Wellesley Production (kboe/d)

Toppand Production Forecast (kboe/d)

2.9 mmboe net Wellesley

Toppand mmboe net Wellesley


Toppand will be developed with 2 oil producers and a water injector as part of the FANTA project. The Toppand structure spills to the east, into the Snowboy prospect which will be drilled in 2023. In the event of discovery, Snowboy will be developed together from the Toppand subsea template.