Cleaner oil & gas, secure supply

Wellesley is a Norwegian oil and gas exploration and development operator.

An ever cleaner and growing portfolio of development projects.



8 commercial discoveries since 2016

kboe/d in

Clear path to becoming a leading independent Norwegian producer.

mmboe prospect

To be tested through the drillbit in the next 3 years.


Wellesley’s exploration success has given us an industry leading portfolio of low CO2 Norwegian development projects. In 6 years, Wellesley has drilled 26 wells, 8 as operator, with 8 commercial discoveries.

Wellesley drilled its first operated well in 2017, two years after the company was established, and will drill its first operated HP/HT well in 2023.


Enabling the world’s transition to cleaner forms of energy requires a secure supply of low CO2 oil and gas.

Wellesley works to meet this demand with as little impact on the environment as possible. This requires a continued and diligent effort to achieve our ESG goals. Goals which have been set to lower the carbon footprint at every level of our organisation.